Fr. Nick Brown, Pastor

Fred Carahasen, Jr., Deacon

Mrs. Alison Harney, Secretary

Director of Religious Education
Shirley Sunio

Music Ministry
Mr. Larry Duclayan

RCIA & Baptism Minister
Mrs. Lowena Nagamine

Finance Chairperson

Jeffrey Yoder

Pastoral Council President
Ms. Charlene Richardson

Liturgy Director
Mrs. Cecilia Pantohan

Nadine Woode

Altar Servers
Mrs. Sherrie Alcos/Archie Agcamaran

Mrs. Inoni Dimaya

Pio and Leda Barbieto

Youth Ministry
Mr. Eddie Crisostomo

Couples for Christ
M/M Rico & Vinya Manianglug

Sacred Heart Society
Mrs. Connie Montero

San Miguel Society
Mrs. Catalina Gealon

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